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Optical Coatings from Design through Manufacture Course

This course is now scheduled for 15-19 September 2014 in Tucson AZ.

Modern optical coatings have moved far from the old mysterious, empirical, subject with its apparent unpredictable sensitivity to good fortune and to the weather. Today, we have advanced theoretical models for optical thin films and their behavior that help us enormously in our understanding. Because of the complexity of the phenomena and their accompanying theory, the theory is best employed in the form of powerful computer models. Success in thin films implies not only practical skill and knowledge but also an ability to use and manipulate these computer models to derive designs, manufacturing programs, extraction of material properties, performance predictions and even failure analysis.

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For optical thin-film software for design, analysis and manufacture you need look no further than the Macleod series of software tools. The Essential Macleod is a comprehensive software package that performs the wide range of functions required by the serious thin-film practitioner, from the initial design to the reverse engineering of the manufactured product. It comprises a wide range of different, but important tools, carefully designed to be of a consistent straightforward style to make their use virtually intuitive. The Concise Macleod is a compatible companion to the Essential Macleod intended for the occasional user.

Macleod Masterclasses
Macleod Masterclasses cover the entire field of optical coatings from fundamental theory to advanced design synthesis and from basic film microstructure to problems in manufacture. Thin Film Center runs public courses in Europe and in the United States twice yearly but custom courses are continually given for individual organizations at all levels.

Thin Film Center's Consulting Services meet the unique needs of our clients. Although immense technical expertise comes with the software, its support, and the material presented in the courses, nevertheless there are occasions where there is no substitute for direct, expert and confidential support.

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